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Off Season Training



Off-Season Training

**Proposal for Youth Football League Training Program**
*Wellness Gaines, Renton, WA*

- Introduction to Wellness Gaines and its commitment to promoting youth sports and fitness.
- Proposal for a training program focusing on agility and core strength for youth football players.



Begins Saturday, Jan. 13
   - Tuesdays: 5:00 PM to 6:15 PM
   - Saturdays: 12:00 Noon to 1:15 PM

**Focus Areas**
   - Agility Training: Drills and exercises designed to improve quickness, responsiveness, and coordination.
   - Core Strength: Building essential core muscles for stability, balance, and power in football.

**Program Structure and Sample Workouts**
   - **Warm-Up (15 minutes):** Dynamic stretching, light jogging, agility ladder drills.
   - **Main Workout (45 minutes):**
     - Circuit Stations: Cone drills, shuttle runs, planks, Russian twists, box jumps, skater hops, balance exercises, mirror drills.
     - Stations focus on agility, core strength, plyometrics, balance, coordination, speed, and reaction time.
   - **Cool-Down (15 minutes):** Static stretching, breathing exercises, nutrition discussion.

**Coaching and Supervision**
   - Experienced trainers knowledgeable in youth sports fitness.
   - Emphasis on safe, effective, and engaging training.

**Duration and Cost**
   - Duration: Monthly enrollment.
   - Cost: $75 per month per participant.

**Benefits of the Program**
- Enhanced performance in football through improved agility and core strength.
- Injury prevention through focused strength and conditioning.
- Development of team building and social skills.
- Promotion of lifelong fitness habits.


Please direct questions to:

Charles Burnham


Phone: 425-209-6935